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Helen, CEO/Founder
of Raipey Inc.
Prince George's County Maryland

I have reached my utimate dream of becoming an entrepreneur. I am a life long learner and belive that everyone deserves an opportunity to improve their lives. I began working with scholars after obtaining my Bachelor's Degree from Bowie State University in Elementary Education.  My journey did not end there as I pressed on to obtain two Master's Degrees Curriculum and Instruction with Technology and Buisness Leadership. My final destination is my PhD in Leadership in Educaiton Administration. 

I am a true survivor at an early age, I experienced a life threatening illness that gave me lil chance of survival. This was a devastating time for my family but through my faith, I am here today surviving a cerebral hemmorage, 3 strokes and thyroid cancer. I can do all things through my dedication, perserverance and beliving all things are possible. To my ladybugs of Raipey Inc., I will build you, inspire you for you to own it. 

Raigan, 8
Washington, DC

I enjoy school and technology. When I come home from school all I need is my ipad and a bowl of ice-cream. I like technology because it makes me feel like I'm riding my bike with my feet off the pedal to new adventures. Technology is fun, you can virtually do and go places that you couldn't be done when my mom was my age. 

Peyton, 6
Washington, DC

School is so much fun that I feel like I floating above everyone and seeing them from a hot air balloon. My grandmother is a teacher and she teaches me things that make me want to grow more and more. I like learning and not sure what I want to be or do but I do know that I have to practice a lot to be the best that I can be. I am a Raipey ladybug.

Chris, 14
Prince George's County Maryland

Understanding technology and making the choice to work toward a STEM career was a easy decision after becoming a Raipey ladybug. I enjoy learning about the various areas in science and the hands on projects are fun.

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